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Fifteen years ago, when I wrote a series of books on the Neolithic culture of Old Europe (The Return of the Goddess, the Soul of Old Europe), emerged a practice of a spiritual dance called NuDanza. Suddenly there appeared a lot of people who wanted to dance, and I, at least temporarily, changed from a teacher of meditation to the teacher of (neo) dancing.


NuDanza is genuinely a magical dance. It combines the oldest human traditions of ritual movements with most of modern spiritual research and ideas. It is intended for a direct connection with natural laws and elements, but also for creating the experience of unity consciousness ecstatically.


After the first wave of interest, and many workshops and activities, my attention was caught by other projects. However, lately, new energy and the will to dance have emerged. This was mostly influenced by Emina, who added to NuDanza the much-needed warmth but also an unquestionable skill in leading the workshops.

Apart from the NuDanza Starter workshop that is organized on weekends, there is also NuDanza Deepness – a kind of dance retreat we host twice a year.

Have you had the opportunity to look into my book “Sadashiva Tantra”? The Deepness program enters into the area of intimacy and sexuality, but in a way that is acceptable to all. If you indulge in such a dance, it will take you to unforgettable experiences of inner and outer unity.

You can read more about the theory of NuDanza in the article ” NuDanza, a liberating dance” and you can watch the video that was created in the early days of NuDanza (called NeoDance).

Patrick Adrian


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