Going deep



If you ever thought that you could break the patterns ruling over your mind, without breaking those ruling over your body, you were wrong. Those two are not separated; they work in unison. But you know what? The mind patterns are elusive, hidden and quite hard to grasp. One day you think you got them, and tomorrow you realize you don’t.

It is easier with the body. The patterns are painfully visible. You do what you are told to do. You express yourself the way you have learned to do it. But, your body can do – and feel – so much more, if only you could let go.

It’s straightforward with the body: when you keep your guard and try to control it, you feel uncomfortable. You feel ashamed. You don’t want others to see you for what you really are.

If you lower your guard and step over the illusionary boundaries, you will feel pleasure. A lot of it! The body’s natural state is the orgasmic state. Yes, orgasm should not be a one-time event (short as it usually is), but the living vibration of your material existence.

That state, when achieved, is a magnet for cosmic impulses. They will come into your body (and mind) attracted with the uniqueness of the human experience. You will cease to pretend that you are a separated being, and your body will shine out the power of oneness.

Can you imagine what that will do to your sex life? Can you imagine what that will do to your perception of reality? No, you can not. You have to experience it first, and then… well, you will not have to imagine it; you will live it.

That is what Sadashiva tantra does to people. That is what NuDanza does to people.


Pictures are taken on the day of Shivan tattva ritual, performed after few days of preparation during NuDanza Deepness, Rogla, Slovenia, August 2019.

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