NuDanza Starter

The return to the wisdom of the body, spontaneity of the movements, the rhythm of breathing…


Deep inside you, Nature is dancing the holy dance of the Elements. Do you know their rhythms?

Do you recognize their shape, taste, and color? Do you hear their sound? 

The origin of NuDanza

Inspired by his exploration of the culture of Old Europe, Patrick Adrian, author of more than 40 books, came up with a special dance based on natural elements governing our inner life as well as the whole universe.

NuDanza changes our understanding of the body, purifies the mind and expand our feelings thus creating the new experience of reality. The change is gentle but profound, encompassing all aspects of our life.

What is NuDanza Starter?

NuDanza Starter is the first workshop in NuDanza adventure. You will learn how to dance with natural elements: earth, water, fire, air, and chaos. Each element has its simple movements as well as the pattern of breathing. On the deep physiological level, the dance of the elements breaks the illusion of separation from nature and other people. As a dancing technique, NuDanza is focused on creating liberating experiences, eliminating all patterns starting from the level of bodily movements.

By dancing the earth element, we awaken stability, strength, reliability and all other positive characteristics of the earth. By dancing the water, we awaken gentleness and connectedness; the dance of the fire gives as passion and inspire us for action. The dance of the air stimulates joy, happiness, and creativity.

Once the dancer learns how to connect soft focus of each element with spontaneity and flow, she is ready for further exploration of NuDanza.

Where are we dancing?

NuDanza starter workshops are usually held during weekends; Saturday from 9:00 to 20:00 and Sunday from 9:00 to 13:00.

No previous knowledge or dancing experience is required – just a desire for a new dancing experience.

NuDanza Starter workshop is a foundation for further dance exploration of liberating experiences through NuDanza Deepness Program.

It is recommended that dancers attend regular monthly meetings to refresh their experiences with NuDanza Starter and the dance of the elements.

NuDanza: movement, breathing, awareness.